To keep things as simple as possible I have the following price bands. for all premises and equipment excluding construction sites and letting properties. Remember. We count an item and its cord as one item. Like a cordless kettle and it’s base or a computer and its IEC cord. Other quotes you may have could appear to charge less per item but count your items twice, or in the case of some printers for example, three times!

Price band Items numbered price
First 10 0-10 £ 4.00
Next 15 11-25 £ 3.50
Next 25 26-50 £ 3.00
Next 50 51-100 £ 2.50
Next 150 101-250 £ 2.00
All the rest 251+ £ 1.00

Included in the price are

  • The first 30 miles travelling to you from our base, here in Derby, each day we visit
  • Rewiring plugs
  • Shortening cords to remove damage when it can be reconnected to a plug or the appliance
  • Replacement fuses
  • Your test certificate
  • Your asset list
  • Your detailed results
  • Pass and fail stickers