Safety Policy

Including Health and Environment.

As thepat|man I believe safety is important to you, me and everyone.

As thepat|man I believe safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) are important to you, me and everyone.

As thepat|man I believe a policy is what you do, not what you say you are going to do, or would like to think that you do, but probably don’t because you’re so big the whole thing is dehumanised and written in the third person.

Therefore this is a description of what I do to ensure SHE.

  1. I work cautiously. If I feel I am going to be exposed to Health or Safety Hazards or anyone is going to be exposed to Safety or Health Hazards by what I am doing I assess it in my head and act according to my conscience and knowledge to minimise it (So far as is reasonably practicable).
  2. I carry out my work to my best ability using equipment I believe to be the best and most appropriate for the tasks.
  3. As a sole trader I have written this, even though I don’t need to (Less than 5 employed)
  4. I have attended the Nebosh National General Certificate course and successfully passed the exams at the end.
  5. I go on courses I think would be useful (in terms of SHE) as often as I think appropriate.
  6. I don’t smoke or take illegal drugs
  7. I edit this policy as and when I believe it necessary




5th April 2014