Quality Policy

As thepat|man I believe quality is important to you, me and everyone.

As thepat|man I believe a policy is what you do, not what you say you are going to do, or would like to think that you do, but probably don’t because you’re so big the whole thing is dehumanised and written in the third person.

Therefore this is a description of what I do to ensure quality.

  1. I answer the phone and talk to clients. If I can’t my answer phone (My voice) asks for a message and I ring back.

  2. I try and speak to the same person at the client’s each time, or leave them a message.

  3. If there is time before doing the Pat testing I send an information pack explaining the What, Why, How, when and where of what I am offering. Along with a personalised letter with a quotation or estimate if possible.

  4. I turn up when agreed at the place agreed. If that becomes impossible I will ring the client and let them know with as much notice as possible.

  5. I inspect and test their equipment using the most appropriate methods and instruments, which I keep adequately calibrated by the manufacturers.

  6. I send full reports on paper or CD or both to the client as soon as possible after the work is complete, with a personalised letter inviting comment on the service provided. I also ask for a testimonial

  7. I go on courses I think would be useful (In terms of Quality) as often as I think appropriate.

  8. I edit this policy as and when I believe it necessary




5th April 2006